What the Hell(o)?




Hello and Welcome, Master Readers!


Jill says: Say "Master Readers" really quickly outloud because Jill has a dirty mind. 



This is Jill's blook. No, that's not a typo... A blook is a blog and a book combined, for any %^&(*s out there. 



Why does Jill have a blook? 


Well, you see, over time Jill has acquired various skills. The bad news is that Jill's skills are barely there, and quite frankly, useless. The good news is, Master Readers may still benefit from Jill's experiences if only just to laugh at her expense. 


Like many other 20/30 something-year-olds, Jill suffers from an impediment that keeps her from sticking to an activitiy for long periods of time, hence making it impossible to 'master' anything at all. Here is just a brief list of some of Jill's attempted masters: 


- actor - lawyer- sockmaker- philosopher- tennis player - personal assistant -matchmaker - groupie- travel agent- NASA worker in any field where they'd hire me - hairdresser - construction worker - investor (of 250.50 dollars) - professional trophy wife - etc.etc.etc. - 


Clearly Jill's been down many a road, and has typically ended up on the shoulder with a flat tire. Some call it ADD. Others may call it FOMO. Whichever way you want to put it, Jill has yet to move out of her parents house and get a real job. But instead of sending out resumes and learning how to cook for herself, Jill has been working on a blook to document her fruitless journies --  the next step for any peniless mooch. 


What can you expect from Jill? 


When she isn't crying or learning a new skill like Tumblr html, Jill publishes a new Master Chapter for her Master Readers. If while reading you stop and think to yourself, wait, did this really happen? The answer is yes. Sadly, yes. 


Oh! Did Jill mention she speaks french? She can say "yes, yes" "no, no" and "where is the garbage."


Jill apologizes in advance for any profanity.


Enjoy $^&#*!. 





 Jill (in the third person) 





Jill of All Trades

   Master of Some Stuff, Maybe


         A blook written on an iPhone.


Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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